Environmental Responsibility


At UNIFY Office Group, we’re committed to improving our environmental performance. We believe that confidence and reliability should relate not only to product quality and safety but also to environmental measures. We would like to offer such products that relieve our customers from worries that the product they purchase might unnecessarily harm the global environment.

As part of our responsibility for the environment we ensure our product business partners aim to assess the impact that products have on the environment through their entire life cycle and to reduce environmental load at all stages. UNIFY’ aim is to promote sustainable development and profitable growth. As a company we are committed to the protection of the environment and choose to play a role in the sustainability of our world’s natural resources.

The following principles govern UNIFY’ business practices:

Compliance with Environmental Legislation

We comply with relevant governmental requirements with respect to environmental protection.

Environmental Consideration during the Life Cycle of Products and Services

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact in all stages of the life cycle of our products and services, recognising that responsibility for a product rests with the brand owner and manufacturer.

Initiating Energy and Waste Reduction Programmes

We aim to minimize consumption of natural resources and energy; optimize our resource and energy use; and promote waste reduction and energy efficiency. We will continually review our environmental performance and initiate the recovery, reuse and recycling of our end of life products and packaging materials.

Prevention of pollution and minimizing environmental risk

We will conduct our operations in a manner that safeguards health, protects the environment and conserves valuable materials. We will reduce the use of toxic chemicals where possible and take precautions to prevent chemical pollution, as chemical substances impose significant impact of human health and safety and the environment.

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