Document Management

Do you have untapped cost savings and efficiencies hiding within your organization? Are processes in place only because that’s the way things have always been done? What processes can be fully automated?

UNIFY Office Group goes beyond the traditional document management approach when it comes to improving your company’s information use and sharing. We approach your enterprise as an ecosystem with document optimization at the center. Like an ecosystem, your business environment is always changing – that’s why UNIFY Office Group develops a partnership, backed by the strength of our talent, resources and expertise.

Effectively, UNIFY Office Group becomes your advocate for change and efficiency. Not only do we align and manage all aspects of your document-related tasks, we concentrate on the needs and abilities of the people who interface with these processes every day. As we uncover areas for improvement and cost savings, we help to prioritize your options. We analyze the impacts and return on investment implications, then recommend and execute a plan of action.

Our goal of continuous improvement is driven by a focus on the needs of individuals and the delivery of the technology, processes and services that improve workflow, not hinder it. We lift the burden of managing your data, and strive to achieve ongoing cost reductions and control for your organization. The result is a powerful combination of increased productivity and profitability


UNIFY Office Group Ltd can provide consulting services – from analysis and recommendation through implementation – to help you realize time and cost efficiencies. You will have access to a complete suite of integrated, end-to-end solutions, including flexible, comprehensive and easy-to-use technology.

UNIFY Office Group Ltd offers a one-stop, end-to-end solution for business processes automation (BPA).

BPA done right can deliver process efficiencies that result in measurable value to your organization. BPA should focus equally on strategy, people, the process for automation, and technology. We have listed five examples below of how effectively managing your documents can realise greater efficiency and cost savings.

1. Digitally archive your documents

By using Laserfiche technology you can eliminate the need of accessing hard copy documents. Instead of reproducing and storing hard copies of documents, you scan them and use soft copies:

  • Alleviate the need to print and store paper documents, reducing paper use.
  • Save on valuable office and storage space by eliminating archived hard copies.
  • Make your employees more efficient by eliminating time spent searching through filing cabinets.

2. Manage your colour usage

By controlling what documents print in colour you can drastically reduce the cost of colour printing. Ricoh’s IntelliColour software application is embedded directly onto your Ricoh device or laser printer and empowers how and when colour printing is used in your office.

  • Control colour printing by application: For example, force emails to print in black and white but allow Powerpoint slides to colour print.
  • Control colour printing by user: You can specify which users can only print in black & white or prevent them from using the device at all. Another option is to use a Ricoh GelSprinter, which offers the unique and efficient ‘Level Colour’ mode – producing quick colour prints at a similar cost to black &white*. You can print in colour while keeping costs down.

*costs depend on coverage and type of document printed.

3. Cut down on pre-printed documents

Eradicate or reduce the cost of pre-printed stationary with Ricoh’s IntelliForm solution. IntelliForm can print office stationary and business forms straight from the device, eliminating the need to bulk print costly stationary and business forms which can date quickly. Plus it’s an embedded application that’s located directly on your Ricoh printer/multifunction device, so it’s affordable with a low return on investment.

4. Make your office automation more accountable

Anonymous users who share copy & print devices commonly feel little accountability for their page volumes. Piles of unclaimed documents can be observed filling output trays and recycling bins. Many desks are overflowing with documents that are printed more often than necessary and all too often employees copy and print non-business documents.

All Ricoh devices have page counters so print volumes can be tracked. Also, all Ricoh colour printers show colour pages separate from B&W, so you can see exactly where your money is going. Often corporate print preference recommendations are not enforceable. Page Management solutions enable organisations to limit the choices for users and to enforce the corporate settings for use of colour, double-sided printing etc. in order to minimise the costs that arise from incorrect application of these settings.

Ricoh’s @Remote solution can eliminate the need for manual metre reading. It provides usage reporting for your device fleet accessibly remotely from a secure website using a web browser, allowing you to match the best device location to workload and identify cost reductions.

5. Keep your clients happy

During tough financial times it’s more important than ever to keep communicating your message to clients. It’s not about cutting back on your marketing efforts, but making it more proficient. Having a cost-effective and well-integrated direct mail system is therefore more critical than ever. DataWorks is a software solution that will make your client communications more decisive, yet more affordable. You can use DataWorks to create personalised direct mail, business forms and transactional documents like invoices and account statements.

Document Management Services & Software

Scanning a document to email is one simple example of digital document delivery that may one day topple the need for fax machines. At UNIFY Office Group, we provide you with multifunction systems that can handle a great deal of document delivery right out of the box… with minimal configuration needed.

The most common document destinations include:

  • · email addresses
  • · Network folders
  • · Web folders
  • · Databases
  • · accounting systems
  • · CRM/ERP systems

Document Routing can provide a superior workflow for your office. UNIFY Office Group document management services and solutions speed up and take cost out of your processes while making them more effective than ever. But even more valuable are the people who provide those solutions. UNIFY Office Group industry experts understand the challenges you face and know how to apply document outsourcing services to achieve measurable results.

By working with partners with years of experience, you can overcome even longstanding challenges by looking at them in a new way – because UNIFY Office Group have the industry knowledge and resources to get the job done.

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